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Title: Water Recycling plant
Description:Waste Water Recycling Waste Water Recycling – The sewage and the industrial waste waters after the treatment have the potential of reuse. The treated sewage / effluent can directly be used for the irrigation or plantation depending upon the crops or the nature of plantation. By giving polishing treatment to the treated sewage / effluent, it can be reused or recycled for cooling towers, washing purpose, flushing in the toilets and with further advance treatment like reverse osmosis, it can be used for boiler or for process applications. By putting up the waste water recycling plant, the disposal of treated sewage / effluent can be minimized where the disposal is a major issue. The waste water recycling plant will also have the impact in saving of the raw water and minimize the fresh water withdrawal or its requirement. The sewage / waste water recycling plant will consist of polishing treatment in terms of disinfection, sand filtration and carbon absorption and Reverse Osmosis as an advance treatment. Chokhavatia Associates have undertaken waste water recycling plant projects for various industries. There are full-scale installations and wide experience in operation and maintenance of such systems for soft drink bottling, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and townships. For the industrial establishments, the treated effluent is reused for crate washing, floor washing, raw vegetable washing and also for cooling purpose. For the township, the treated sewage was reused for toilet flushing of the entire township. The sewage / waste water recycling plants are designed as per the type of effluents and impurities normally present in the sewage / waste water and the type of the quality of the fresh water requirement. The recycling plant for the reuse of treated sewage / waste water will have organic and inorganic impurities removal system even the impurities present are in traces. The recycle plants are put up entirely based on the specific requirement of the client as well as the cost benefits of the raw water withdrawal and the disposal of the treated effluents. The operations of recycling plants where the removals of the inorganic salts are required are highly sensitive and high degree of precision is to be maintained. It will also have high capital and operating cost. Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing and operating the treatment plants with the latest and appropriate technologies. We also understand the requirement of the clients for putting up the waste water recycling plants and based on their requirement, we also study and undertake pilot plant trials of the recycling plants. These studies provide all the operational maintenance issues, which are taken care of while putting up the full scale plants. Chokhavatia Associates have put up more than 29 years of experience with a global client base in the design, detailed engineering and operation and maintenance of sewage and industrial waste water treatment plants. During the design phase, Chokhavatia Associates also undertakes the detailed understanding of the production processes and effluent generation points. The experience of design and operation of 500 + plants provide us the clarity about the process operations and the areas where recycling of process effluents or treated effluent is possible.